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Terms of Agreement for SMS Novel Films Drone Service

1. Scope of Service:

   - SMS Novel Films agrees to provide drone coverage for one hour, encompassing a 20-minute film recording session and capturing a minimum of 50 still images.

2. Duration and Coverage:

   - The service duration is limited to one hour per session.

   - The drone coverage extends to a maximum radius of half a mile from the designated starting point.

3. Service Fee:

   - The service fee for SMS Novel Films drone coverage is set at $250 per hour.

4. Additional Services:

   - Any additional drone coverage time beyond the initial one-hour session will be charged at the standard rate of $250 per hour.

   - Additional footage or stills requested beyond the agreed-upon amount may incur additional charges.

5. Booking and Cancellations:

   - Clients are required to book drone services in advance, with a minimum notice period of [specify notice period].

   - Cancellations made within [specify cancellation period] of the scheduled service may be subject to cancellation fees.

6. Weather Conditions:

   - Drone services are subject to weather conditions. In the event of adverse weather, SMS Novel Films reserves the right to reschedule the session at no additional cost to the client.

7. Safety and Compliance:

   - SMS Novel Films adheres to all local regulations and safety guidelines regarding drone operations.

   - Clients are responsible for securing any necessary permits or permissions required for drone filming at the designated location.

8. Ownership and Usage Rights:

   - SMS Novel Films retains ownership of all footage and stills captured during the drone session.

   - Clients are granted usage rights for personal or promotional purposes, with credit to SMS Novel Films where appropriate.

9. Liability:

   - SMS Novel Films shall not be liable for any damages, losses, or injuries resulting from the client's use of the drone footage or stills.

   - Clients are responsible for ensuring the safety of all individuals and property during the drone session.

10. Indemnification:

    - Clients agree to indemnify and hold harmless SMS Novel Films, its employees, and affiliates from any claims, liabilities, or damages arising from the client's use of the drone footage or stills.

11. Acceptance of Terms:

    - By engaging the services of SMS Novel Films, clients acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this agreement.

Please review these terms carefully and sign below to indicate your acceptance.

Commercial Drone Filming

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