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Don't Text The Plug

87.23 Minute Run Time.


"Embark on a unique cinematic journey with 'Don't Text The Plug: A Divine Gamble,' an interactive film that places you in the shoes of Mark Thompson, a man seeking a fresh start in the bustling city of Baltimore. As you navigate through the challenges of a new life, unforeseen choices will lead you down mysterious paths with consequences both earthly and otherworldly.


In this immersive experience, you'll find yourself drawn into the gritty underworld of city life, where Mark encounters a local drug dealer offering a seemingly quick escape from his troubles. Little does he know that every choice made will shape not only his destiny but also unleash spiritual forces beyond his comprehension.


As you step into Mark's shoes, the consequences of each decision become palpable. 'Don't Text The Plug: A Divine Gamble' allows you to explore the thin line between temptation and redemption. Navigate the treacherous waters of addiction, trust, and faith as you grapple with the consequences of your choices.


Will you resist the lure of the dangerous path laid before you, or will you succumb to the temptations that threaten to unravel your newfound life? Uncover the hidden layers of this interactive film and discover the unknown conclusion that awaits as you navigate the delicate balance between earthly choices and divine intervention.".

Don't Text The Plug

  • A viewing link will be sent to view the film on a laptop, pc, or mobile device. For first-time customers, please allow 2-4 hours to receive the viewing link.

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