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Free Inspirational Life Story Writing Service with a Complimentary Book Cover

Discover. Write. Inspire.

What We Offer:

  • Personalized Story Crafting: Share your journey with us, and our team of skilled writers will transform it into a captivating narrative, full of inspiration and personal growth.

  • Professional Editing: Each story is polished by our editors to ensure clarity, emotional impact, and a seamless reading experience.

  • Custom Book Cover Design: Receive a beautiful, custom-designed book cover that encapsulates the essence of your story, absolutely free.

  • Digital Publication: Your completed story, adorned with its unique cover, will be featured on our website, available for readers worldwide.

  • Privacy & Respect: We honor your life experiences. You have full control over what is shared and how your story is told.

Why Choose Us:

  • Empowerment Through Storytelling: We believe in the power of personal stories to inspire, teach, and connect. Your journey could be the beacon that lights the way for others.

  • Professional Quality, Zero Cost: Our mission is to make storytelling accessible. We provide a platform and services without any charge, ensuring your story reaches hearts without reaching into your pocket.

  • Community of Inspiration: Join a growing community of storytellers and readers who believe in the transformative power of life experiences.

How It Works:

  • Share Your Story: Fill out our online form with details of your life story or the inspiring journey you wish to share.

  • Collaboration: Our team will connect with you to delve deeper into your narrative, ensuring authenticity and depth.

  • Writing & Designing: Our writers craft your story, followed by our designers creating a unique book cover.



Entire process takes about 2 hours. You should be ready to conduct your 30 minute interview as soon as you sign up.



1 Personal paperback copy: $34.99

10 Personal paperback copies: $109.99

Audiobook copy: $34.99

Full Publishing $125.99

Meet with a writer in person: $199.99


Contact us here to learn more.

Autobiography Creation

  • Terms of Agreement for LifeStories Unfold Service

    1. Service Scope:

    • Writing and Design: This service includes the writing of an inspirational life story and the design of one book cover.
    • Digital Display: The completed story and cover will be showcased on our digital platform.

    2. Publishing Limitations:

    • No Physical Publishing: The service does not include physical publishing of the book. It is limited to digital display on our platform.
    • One Book Cover Only: Each story will receive a single, unique book cover design. Additional covers are not provided.

    3. One Story Per Person:

    • Unique Stories: Only one story per individual will be accepted and created. This ensures a diverse range of stories on our platform.

    4. Page Count Finalization:

    • Fixed Page Count: Once the page count for the story is selected by the participant, it cannot be altered. Please choose carefully.

    5. Agreement to Terms:

    • Acceptance of Terms: By utilizing our services, you agree to these terms and acknowledge understanding of the service limitations.
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