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A Novel by Carlin Hertz


She thought she had her future planned. She thought it was going to be perfect. Now she finds herself planning the perfect murder.


To the young, beautiful, and perhaps naïve Jules Vaughn, Cabo San Lucas sounds like a honeymoon paradise. And why not? After all, she and her handsome Russian fiancé Andrei are sparing no expense in planning it to be so. With his wealth and passion, there is no reason to spare any expense in the climactic event of Jules’ utopian existence.


Until that is, the wedding arrangements are shattered by the news of Andrei’s untimely death. Suddenly life is not the pearl it promised to be. Never able to achieve full closure, Jules dutifully makes a pilgrimage to Cabo on the anniversary of her beloved’s demise to honor the romance which should have been.


That’s where she stumbles upon information that will rock her to her core: Andrei is still alive. The resulting flood of emotions and memories unleashed by the betrayal’s exposure is too much to handle. Jules finds she is unable to leave the island without exacting appropriate retribution. But to do the job right, she’ll need to enlist the help of an unsuspecting accomplice: Andrei’s real wife.



  • Allow 2 days for processing and 5-7 days for USPS shipping.

  • 59 page paperback/perfeck bound

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