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Honey Drippings -- The sweet honey drippings from the words of Karen Cotton aka The Mama Bee Experience "When Mama spit the honey drips Words so sweet, you can't get over it."


--The Mama Bee Experience


Honey Drippings- This poetic memoir is a collection of my poems that I hope will inspire your life. This book is about the way I process my feelings to deal with life; a safe outlet to handle some tough situations. A product of my environment; the tone of my work is full of the passion, grittiness, that comes from living in an urban community.


I started writing as far back as I can remember as a way to express myself. I loved anything with words on them. Of course, I kept a diary. I would write in my diary poetry because I knew no one would understand the code in which I wrote. I vicariously lived my life through that diary. I would write of the life I hoped to have. My dreams, my fantasies, my secrets. As I grew from a girl into a woman, the need to express myself through writing became the cornerstone of my life.

I write about a variety of subjects from the pangs of Motherhood to being a Vixen looking for love. As life has its ups and downs, my poetry reflects the aspects in life we may only discuss in private. The spoken word pieces are monologues of my life. 


Karen Cotton aka The Mama Bee Experience, is an entrepreneur from the San Francisco Bay Area, currently residing in Fort Worth Texas with her granddaughter McKenzie. Karen specializes in storytelling throughout the art of poetry, spoken word entertainment, and slam poetry competitions along with autobiography prose. 

Honey Drippings: Life Stories Through Poetry

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