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Dive deep into the world of interactive storytelling like never before! With "SMS Novel Interactive Films," you're not just a spectator, but the main character who controls the plot twists and the outcome. With each SMS click, you steer the course of events, unveiling unique scenarios and thrilling conclusions.

Ever imagined how a story could transform if one decision was made differently? With SMS, each viewing experience is refreshingly distinct, offering endless narratives and conclusions to uncover. The power of storytelling is no longer confined to a linear path—each story evolves based on your choices.

For just $9.99, you're not merely purchasing a film—you're securing an entire universe of possibilities. Every film you embark on has countless alternative plots awaiting your discovery.


  • Interactive SMS Control: Make pivotal decisions in real-time using simple SMS commands via our website or app.

  • Dynamic Storytelling: Encounter diverse story arcs, suspenseful turns, and gripping finales, all tailored by your decisions.

  • Endless Replays: With myriad potential outcomes, every viewing becomes a new experience.

  • Share and Compare: Watch with friends and share your unique story conclusions. Challenge each other to discover all the possible endings!

Experience the future of cinematic storytelling. With SMS Novel Interactive, every film is alive, breathing, and waiting for your direction. Purchase today and own a piece of cinematic magic that changes, grows, and thrills forever!

Interactive Film Purchase

  • A viewing link will be sent to view the film on a laptop, pc, or mobile device. For first-time customers, please allow 2-4 hours to receive the viewing link.

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