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The Live International SMS Bible is the first Bible of its kind that matches the reader with a Christian believer from another country to study with. Studying God's Word from different cultural context is a powerful way to see the various types of applications and interpretations that God's Word has. Pick from over 15 countries, select a Bible Plan, and interact with your study partner via text message and video chat. 


Visit SMS Novel website to purchase and demo. International Live SMS Bible is $14.99 a month or $119.99 annually. Includes three days of text study with partner and one day a month of video chat with English-speaking international partner. (Can only be purchased from SMS Novel website.)



1.     Russia    
2    Canada    
3    United States    
4    China    
5    Brazil    
6    Australia    
7    India    
8    Argentina
9    Congo, Democratic Republic of the        
10    Saudi Arabia    
11    Mexico    
12    Indonesia
13    Sudan    
14    Libya    
15    Iran        
16    Nigeria    
17    South Africa
18    Egypt

International Live SMS Bible With Foreign Study Partner

  • Matching partner takes 1 to 2 days. Bible plans: Old or New Testament Book or Topical.

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