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King of Detroit: The Kwame Kilpatrick Story (Part One)

Title: King of Detroit: The Kwame Kilpatrick Story (Part One)


"King of Detroit: The Kwame Kilpatrick Story" is a riveting biographical drama that charts the meteoric rise and tumultuous fall of Kwame Kilpatrick, once celebrated as the charismatic "Hip-Hop Mayor" of Detroit. This gripping film navigates through the labyrinth of Kilpatrick's political career, his notable achievements, and the scandals that ensnared him.


From his early days as an idealistic young politician to becoming the youngest mayor of Detroit at age 31, the film explores the complex tapestry of Kilpatrick's tenure. It delves into his visionary initiatives that sparked hope and his undeniable charm that won the city's heart. Yet, the film does not shy away from the shadows—the controversy, the accusations of corruption, and the personal failings that led to his eventual sentence.


Crafted with an eye for detail and a commitment to nuance, "King of Detroit" portrays the man behind the headlines. The film features powerful performances, rich period detail, and a deep dive into the socio-political landscape of Detroit during Kilpatrick's administration. The storytelling is as intricate as the subject it portrays, inviting viewers to look beyond the public persona and into the psyche of a man at the center of a city's destiny.


As a narrative that captures the essence of power, ambition, and the human condition, "King of Detroit: The Kwame Kilpatrick Story" emerges as a cautionary tale of a dream derailed and a reminder of the ever-present dance between virtue and vice in the corridors of power.



Purchase includes parts 1 and 2.

King of Detroit: The Kwame Kilpatrick Story (Part One)

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  • Mp4 Download will be sent upon film release. Part 2 will be released 1/23/24.

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