Written By Authors:

Carlin Hertz, Natalie Robbins, Anna Draniewicz, Lordy Belance, Givona Sandi Ford, Ayanna Davy, Reese Gaines, Nakita Rowell Stevens.


120 pages paperback. (includes audio-book and e-book files.)



Keisha is a college student and the daughter of a famous civil rights activist. She is also passionate about social justice and has spent years advocating for Black people. But during her sophomore year in college she meets Ryan, a white philosophy student who is also passionate about the cause. Against her own inclination, she gets to know Ryan and slowly falls in love. But when her father, family, and social justice circle learns about her relationship, they all caution her that the relationship could hurt her family name and the cause. When a secret about Ryan's past comes out, she is faced with a hard choice: continue the relationship knowing that it may cost her friends and family or continue with the relationship knowing that Ryan could be the man she always dreamed of.



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My Love Matters (Group Book)