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Written By Authors: Carlin Hertz, Velvet Rope, Laurel Cherish Belanz, Ayanna Davy, Nakita Rowell-Stevens, Anna Draniewicz, & Natalie Golden-Robinson


100 page paperback.

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Aries is a college student and the daughter of a famous civil rights activist family. But when she meets Ryan, the school's star quarterback, her life becomes unraveled due to issues of race, family, and love.



Group Book allows multiple writers to write a short novel over 30 days. This fast paced collaborative effort is a great means for writers to hone their skills, collaborate with a team, and meet other writers who are passionate about writing. This particular book was worked on for 30 days by a great team of diverse writers from various locations. To learn more about Group Book, visit

My Love Matters (Group Book)

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