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Your 3 Life Moments: Interactive Film

Turn Your 3 Pivotal Life Moments Into an Interactive Film With You, Family, & Friends as the Stars!


What are the 3 most pivotal choices of your life? What if those choices could be made into an interactive film for others to experience the weight of your decisions? Is it marriage, faith, or loss of a loved one? How did you respond?


SMS Interactive Films allows viewers to experience your choice and choose which path you should go. At the end of the film, viewers will discover if their choices line up with your actual life story!


SMS Novel Films is bringing back, "Choose Your Own Adventure Movies" These movies are designed to take the 3 most important decisions of your life, and to create it as an Interactive Film, that the viewer can watch and CHOOSE what path you take. At the end of the film, they will see whether their choices will line up, with who you are and how you are doing today. At the end of the film, you give an encouraging message to the viewer about faith, perseverance, and not giving up.We film these movies with drones for a Cinematic effect and add your voiceover to the film.


1. Sign up and fill out the form detailing the 3 biggest choices of your life. (See sample below)

2. Receive story, wardrobe, and schedule list (Usually 15 scenes)


3. Submit a short video for us to create your film trailer.


4. Promote your trailer to friends and family.


5. SMS Novel comes to your location to film your movie via drones.


6. Your 20-minute film is edited and released for sale within 7 days from SMS Novel.


7. Your Film Is Placed For Sale. Receive a $10 royalty per film sale.This is a great opportunity to have your life told in both film and interactive story form. Upon sign up, you will be sent a form to get started on your film.

Your 3 Life Moments: Interactive Film

  • Interactive Film Creation Service Terms

    1. Service Overview:

    1.1 Interactive Film Creation Service includes scriptwriting, voice-over narration, on-location drone filming, editing, and integration of royalty-free music using stock footage.

    1.2 The full movie will be filmed on location within 5 miles of you at a location of your choosing.

    2. Ownership and Rights:

    2.1 SMS Novel retain ownership of your original concept and any content provided by you.

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