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SMS Drone In-Person Demo

In-Person Demo Available In 25 Cities:


Let us help you access your personal, residential, or commercial security needs.

Discover the capabilities of the SMS Novel Drone App with our special in-person drone security demo, now available for only $99.99. This one-time fee will be deducted from any future drone bookings via our app or website.


This 45-minute trial/consultation on how our drone operators can serve individual, residential, and property needs. Experience our drone technology's live-stream monitoring, AI facial recognition, and more, tailored for your personal or property security, event coverage, or creative projects. Ideal for homeowners, property managers, and individuals seeking innovative safety and monitoring solutions. Book this unique, hands-on demo experience today and see how our service can enhance your safety and creative endeavors. 


All bookings must be made within 14 days of the sign-up date. Includes visitation by local SMS licensed pilot, explanation of service, and demo with drone for filmmaking, personal and commercial security.

SMS Drone In-Person Demo

  • In-person bookings are now available from 9 am to 6 pm: Monday - Saturday. 

    To Book By Phone or Text: (912) 268-1890

    Available Cities: (20-mile radius)

    1. New York City, New York
    2. Los Angeles, California
    3. Chicago, Illinois
    4. Houston, Texas
    5. Phoenix, Arizona
    6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    7. San Antonio, Texas
    8. San Diego, California
    9. Dallas, Texas
    10. San Jose, California
    11. Austin, Texas
    12. Jacksonville, Florida
    13. Fort Worth, Texas
    14. Columbus, Ohio
    15. Charlotte, North Carolina
    16. San Francisco, California
    17. Indianapolis, Indiana
    18. Seattle, Washington
    19. Denver, Colorado
    20. Washington, D.C.
    21. Boston, Massachusetts
    22. El Paso, Texas
    23. Nashville, Tennessee
    24. Detroit, Michigan
    25. Memphis, Tennessee

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