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Join the good farmer on a delightful adventure in "When a Farmer Saw a Mouse," a heartwarming children's book by William Aiello!


The good farmer is busy tending to his farm when he unexpectedly spots a tiny, curious mouse scurrying about. What follows is an enchanting tale of friendship and discovery as Farmer Fred and the clever mouse embark on a charming escapade through the farm. Along the way, they encounter the wonders of nature, make new animal friends, and learn important lessons about teamwork, kindness, and the beauty of the world around them.


With vibrant illustrations and a heartwarming narrative, this delightful book is perfect for young readers who love stories filled with adventure, friendship, and the magic of unexpected encounters. "When a Farmer Saw a Mouse" is a timeless tale that celebrates the joy of unexpected friendships and the simple pleasures of exploring the great outdoors.


Get ready to smile, laugh, and be inspired by the wonderful journey of Farmer Fred and his newfound friend in this captivating children's book that will capture the hearts of readers of all ages.

When The Farmer Saw a Mouse

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